We really care about creating a safe environment for you to live, study, work and play in. We know how important all of these things are on having a great time at UEA and our campaigns and initiatives are designed to make this a reality for you. 

As part of our work to make things better both on and off campus, staff at UEA and the SU have been working together to develop a strategic approach to understanding and tackling violence, harassment and hate crime affecting students at UEA. Our student led campaigns, Never OK and Eradicate Hate have been key to this work. 

We know that violence, harassment and hate crime, whether you experience it directly, support people who have, or whether you witness it happening, can have a significant impact on your mental health and wellbeing. We know that it can be hard to find out the information you need, when you need it, to access help and support and report what has happened, if you want to. 

This is why the SU and UEA worked together to create one place where you can find all of the information that you need, if you or someone you know has experienced any kind of violence, harassment or hate crime. This website is one of the results of that work. We hope you find it useful. 

The campaigns that have fed into this work are all student led – by the officers you elect to represent you and interested groups of students. There are ways for you to get involved – by ensuring you have taken the online Consent Matters training and attending the Active Bystander training that takes place for clubs and socs committee members.

Tackling these behaviours in our communities needs all of us to play a role and this is why we are asking you to ‘Stop, Speak, Look’.

This is about demanding that inappropriate behaviours are stopped so that those around us aren’t left feeling scared, intimidated or being hurt. The SU have developed a range of posters that give some examples of some of the behaviours that students have told us they have experienced and that they didn’t want. Never OK and Eradicate Hate are all about lobbying for this and raising awareness of what is and isn’t acceptable.

This is about encouraging you to seek support if something happens to you, someone around you or if you see something that you’d like to talk about or report. This website allows you to do this anonymously or with your name. SU night time staff are all Good Night Out trained so please speak to them if anything happens in one of the SU venues and you can also talk to the trained advisers in the SU advice centre

This is about looking out for those around you. You don’t need to directly challenge behaviours that you see, you can look out for those around you in all sorts of ways. You could take part in the ‘look after a mate training’ or the Active Bystander training. You could also sign up to be a buddy and be a source of support for someone new to navigating UEA to help them learn the ropes. 

If you are out and about at night, you could help someone use the safe taxi scheme or call the alcohol impact crew if someone needs some help. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened