Never OK 

In 2014, the SU launched our Never OK campaign. The focus was on calling out and addressing sexual harassment on our campus. Never OK really struck a cord with students and became a key part of ensuring that the SU venues were truly safe spaces. Students knew who to speak to if they experienced any behaviours that made them feel uncomfortable and we trained all of our staff, with the Good Night Out team, so that they could respond appropriately. 

Over time the Never OK campaign developed. The SU and UEA started working together on a project to change the culture around harassment, assault and abuse across all of campus. We believe that everyone has the right to live, study and work in a safe and supportive environment. That everybody is free from abuse, harassment and/or assault. We strive to promote a safe campus and safe city. 

As a result of this joint work, Never OK broadened its aims: 
  • To foster a culture where there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment, abuse or assault against anyone. 
  • To enable frank, open and honest discussions about issues and provide clear signposting to training and support for all. 
  • To support and engage with our wider communities beyond the campus to challenge negative behaviour and promote a safe culture for all. 

The SU and UEA are committed to providing a safe environment to all students, staff and visitors and as part of our work to change the culture on campus, we are clear that both the SU and UEA have zero tolerance towards: 
  • Sexual assault and harassment. Unwelcome sexual advances, verbal, written or physical contact without consent. 
  • Relationships/Domestic Abuse. Emotional or physical behaviour by a person in a relationship to control another. 
  • Harassment and Bullying. Any unwanted behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated or offended. 
  • Honour crimes, FGM, Forced Marriages. Enforced activities, including marriage, mutilation or violence against women. 

The SU has done a lot of work with UEA to try and ensure that there is a high level of support for those who experience any of these behaviours and UEA promises to thoroughly investigate all reports of inappropriate behaviour and conduct. They will implement recommendations and/or actions in line with the disciplinary policy, equality and diversity policies, and contract of employment.

If you experience any type of harassment at any of the SU’s venues you can report it to a member of security staff, use the Report & Support tool or come to our advice centre in union house.


There are two ways you can tell us what happened