A Good Night Out 

At UEASU, we believe that every student has the right to have a good night out without experiencing sexual harassment so we have teamed up with Good Night Out. Good Night Out began challenging sexual violence in nightlife in 2014, initially as a campaign of Hollaback London.

They work with licensed spaces to upskill their teams and deliver specialist, interactive workshops to bar staff, managers, and security. We have worked with them so that now all our bar and security staff are trained to deal with incidents of sexual harassment in a positive manner because we understand that bar and security staff are often the first point of call for students when incidents happen.

These incidents can range from groping, grabbing, sexually aggressive behaviour, stalking, humiliating conduct, homophobia or transphobia.

The Good Night Out training we run at UEASU links to the Never OK campaign. We do not accept or tolerate sexual harassment in our venues or our buildings, as the Never OK campaign explains and our staff are trained in how to respond appropriately if you do experience such an incident, via the Good Night Out training.

For those times when you are out in one of our SU venues, look out for the Alcohol Impact Crew in their bright orange tops. They are there to help you have a Good Night Out and run a safe space in the Hive, whether you need help or just want a chat. On club nights you can call them on 07754 975636 and they will come and help.

We have also worked with some venues in the city to train their bar and door staff on Good Night Out. We want to help create an environment and community where our members feel safe. 

If you experience any type of harassment at any of the SU’s venues you can report it to a member of security staff, use the Report & Support tool or come to our advice centre in union house. 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened