There are two ways to report something to the University through UEA’s reporting tool: 
This is 100% anonymous and the University will not have a record of who has made the report or who the report is against. This means that direct action cannot be taken as a result of your report. 
You will not be contacted by Student Services about your report.  
Reporting anonymously helps the University to understand what is happening in our community and review preventative and support measures. 
Report to speak to an advisor 
Submitting a report with personal details through Report & Support does not automatically start the University Disciplinary process and investigation.  
Your report will be assigned to an advisor from the Student Life team in Student Services who will contact you by email, up to 3 working days after your report. 
If you wish to report an emergency, you should always call 999 for emergency services. 
You will be able to choose which email address the advisor contacts you by – if you choose a personal email, please be sure to check your spam folder.  
Your advisor will explain the next steps and the options available to you. They may offer an appointment to discuss the circumstances and explore the best avenues of support. Your advisor can also explain the process for making a formal complaint to the University Disciplinary process, if this is something you are considering. 
There may be times when another team in Student Services is best placed to help you, and your Student Life advisor may ask you some questions by email before offering an appointment, to identify the most appropriate initial support. 
If you submit a report but decide you do not want any support or to proceed with a formal complaint, you are not under any obligation to engage with Student Services. We would recommend replying to the Student Life advisor who contacts you to let them know. 
For more information on making a report visit our FAQs 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened