Changing the Culture at UEA has developed and offering these training and workshop sessions. They are available to groups, classes, societies, and clubs who would like to book the session. There are also open booking sessions at certain times of the year.


Call It Out! Active Bystander 
Duration: 90 minutes
This training session goes through the process and skills needed to feel confident and empowered to Call It Out against any situation where someone is being victimised. Whether within your friendship group, in a seminar, or with strangers, we will explore different ways you can safely intervene to help the person being targeted and if appropriate address the unacceptable behaviour and to start to make a change of our culture at UEA for the better. We can all make an impact by Calling It Out whenever we can.

Consent & Sex - Lets Talk About It
Duration: 90 minutes
This workshop follows on from the Consent Matters online training course to give participants a explore consent in practical exercises to feel comfortable giving and receiving sexual consent in a way that is not off putting or awkward so everyone who wants to, or does not want to engage in sexual activity is empowered to do so. This session also aims to help participants to feel more comfortable about talking about sex, consent and protection to have fun and enjoyable sex.

It is recommended that everyone first takes the Consent Matters online training before taking this workshop.

You can find the open booking to these workshops on the DSD website.

To book a workshop for a club, society, class or group:
Please submit a Workshop Request form.
Note: a two week notice is required to process and confirm requests before the date of your planned workshop. If you have any questions or concerns, email Paul Hartzler, Student and Academic Services Manager,

Both workshops can be shortened to accommodate 50-60 mins time slots, but you will get the most out of each workshop if it is delivered in full.

Online Training Courses

Consent Matters 
Consent matters is for students of all genders and sexualities to help build a better campus community. Sex isn't for everyone, but everyone can benefit from learning about consent. It's important for everyone to understand consent so that we can look out for each other and live in safer, happier communities.
Find Consent Matters here.

Online Bystander Module
Being an active bystander is something that everyone of us can do to help build a campus of inclusive safety to all those who are part of our diverse community. This short 20 minute module will give you the basics of being an active bystander and will show you the impact you can make.
Find the Bystander Course here.

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