Discrimination can have a huge impact on your life and wellbeing. What has happened is not your fault and you're not alone. You can access specialist support, if and whenever you feel ready.


Discrimination hurts individuals and communities, and reporting it allows the University to support you and better understand and deal with what you are being faced with.  

  • Report to the University and get Support. Students and staff can report an incident using the University‚Äôs Report and Support system. You can choose to do this anonymously or you can request support from an adviser. If you choose to talk to an adviser they will be able to talk through the options and support available to you, in confidence. 
  • University Procedures. If you choose to make a formal complaint to the University about a student or member of staff there are procedures which set out the steps you'll need to follow. 
  • Police Some forms of discrimination might also break criminal law, in which case you can report to police. In an emergency or if you are in immediate danger you should dial 999.  Otherwise, you can call 101, report online or visit your local police station to report a crime. 
Reporting is a big decision and all of the support services linked to above can support you with this, if you decide to make a police report. 

University Support 

For Students
  • Student Life Adviser. An adviser can talk through the University's procedures, how to make a complaint and what support is available, in confidence. 
  • Student Resident Life Team. Whether it is your parish Student Services Resident (SSR) or the Duty SSR, if you are living in UEA residences there is someone to talk to. 
  • The uea(su) Advice Service. A free, confidential, impartial service where an adviser can talk through procedures, how to complain, what options are available, and support you through the process.  
  • Exceptional circumstances. If you feel your studies have been affected by what has happened you can consider applying for exceptional circumstances.

For Staff
  • Human Resource Adviser. An adviser can talk through option whether the incident involved another staff member at UEA, a student, or a visitor to campus. 
  • Employee Assistance Programme. This free confidential 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service is an UEA employee benefit available. Confidential support independent from UEA, with professional consultation, counselling, information, resources and referrals to services in your local area.

External Support 

  • Speak to a friend. Talking things through with someone you trust can sometimes help. 
  • Citizens Advice provides some information on bullying and harassment
  • Family Lives provides some information and advice on bullying at University 
  • The National Union of Students (NUS) has put together some top tips on how to deal with bullying in halls.
  • Young Minds has put together a blog on how to deal with bullying at University


There are two ways you can tell us what happened