There may be times when Apprenticeship providers wish to report concerns about the behaviour of a student on their programme. Report&Support can be used to raise PREVENT concerns to the University - this report will be directed to the PREVENT lead and officer.

Please note there are two ways to submit a report through Report&Support.
The first is anonymously. This is 100% anonymous and the University will have no record of who is making the report or who the report is against. While anonymous reports help the University understand what is happening in our community, it is important to understand that no action can be taken as a result.

The second option is 'Report to an Adviser' where reporters are prompted to provide their contact details. Reporters will be able to give additional details about the concern or incident, including providing the name of any students involved. This will allow the University to review the best next steps for addressing the report.
When raising a PREVENT concern, Apprenticeship providers can select 'UEA Apprentice Programme' in the School/Department option, and can select 'Risk of Radicalisation (PREVENT)' under incident type.

More information and guidance for Apprenticeships providers can be found on the UEA website here.


There are two ways you can tell us what happened